Soweto Motorbike School in Association with Yamaha South Africa – Bikers for Mandela Day Ride (14/07/18).

On the 14th July we attended the 2018 Bikers for Mandela Day Ride, which was organised by Alfred Matamela (King Donut), from Soweto Motorbike School and was in association with Yamaha South Africa.

This was a charity driven event, whereby bikers gathered at World of Yamaha and rode out to Soweto Kliptown Youth (which is an orphanage in the heart of Soweto), and delivered a truck load of necessities to these underprivileged children.

In addition to that, Yamaha South Africa donated a Tajima embroidery machine to Muthumuni Embroidery, who are based in Industria, Johannesburg. The idea is that their donation will go a long way in making sure that this relatively new, small scale business has a long and sustainable future.

It was such an honour to be a part of this very special centenary celebration, reflecting on the life and times of Nelson Mandela and to promote his legacy – Great job guys!

(Videography by: Simon Morton & Bjorn Moreira).