Dimsport Italy Arrives in South Africa!

Rapid Bike (manufactured by Dimsport Italy), who are considered as world leaders in motorcycle tuning, have invested in South Africa, and are opening their own state-of-the-art tuning facility shortly in Kyalami.

From their new base which is right at the very heart of motorsport in South Africa, they will be offering; their latest A.I ECU modules which are available for almost every motorcycle, state-of-the-art ECU flash tuning coupled with the world’s most advanced Dyno facility (also manufactured by Dimsport Italy), and support and training for customers and dealers.

“Unlike technology previously used in the industry, Rapid Bike is a sophisticated computer that constantly tunes your motorcycle for the best possible results, ranging from economy to absolute performance. Rapid Bike is well known for being the only fuelling module which is capable of adjusting fuelling and other paramteres in ‘real time’ or whilst you ride. Further to that, it is also the only fuelling module that is compatable with EURO 4/5 motorcycles.

A new, unique and exciting feature for Rapid Bike ECU modules is that it now adapts to rider input constantly. Adapting and offering you perfect performance every-time you ride, and however you ride. Over the past 5 years motorcycle tuning has come along way, so look out for some exciting innovative releases from coming out soon from Dimsport!” Said Craig Langton.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Keep an eye out on ZA Bikers, as an all new experience store will be announced soon!