Motul and Stuart Gregory Face the Ultimate Test at the Dakar Rally 2019

Photo credit: Motul South Africa

In January 2019, Macadamia nut farmer, off-road motorcycle racer and Motul Powersport Ambassador Stuart Gregory will aim to tick off the biggest – and most demanding – item on his racing bucket list: the Dakar Rally 2019.

As part of his Dakar preparations, Stuart has already competed in the 2018 Motul Roof of Africa  in Lesotho. After finishing in a very creditable 10th place in the Silver Class, Stuart described this event – known as the Mother of Hard Enduro – as “really physical, and great training for the Dakar”.

Taking place entirely in Peru, the 2019 edition of the Dakar will involve competitors taking on 10 stages and some 3 000km – 70% of it sand. It begins in the Peruvian capital Lima on January 6th, and all being well, Stuart will return there as a finisher in his class – which would be an extraordinary achievement.

Not content with attempting the world’s most challenging off-road race, Stuart has entered the most difficult class of all, The Originals by Motul. This class has a well-earned reputation as the purest way to participate in the Dakar. Unlike riders in factory teams, or riders that have bought assistance packages in private teams, Stuart will need to be entirely self-reliant during the race.

When he returns to the bivouac after each stage, sometimes late at night, Stuart will be required to manage all maintenance and preparation work on his own. However, he will have one ace up his sleeve – exactly the kind of advantage that could make all the difference when it comes to finishing this most challenging of events.

Throughout the Dakar Rally 2019, Stuart will be keeping his KTM 450 Rally Replica race-ready and in optimum condition by using a range of Motul products – the same products that he has come to rely on in every tough situation he’s been in, including races in Germany, Turkey and Romania.

Stuart knows he can count on Motul 300V 100% synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle racing lubricant. “In the most difficult conditions only the best will do, and using products specifically designed for tough conditions gives me the peace of mind that allows me to focus entirely on the race,” he states.

With so much sand to be negotiated in Peru, Stuart also uses MC Care™ A2  Air Filter Oil Spray  to keep his filters prepped and in top condition, and his hands clean in the process. This is particularly important as maintenance time is limited in the overnight bivouac, and every second counts.

Looking ahead to the challenge facing Stuart, Mercia Jansen, Motul Area Manager for Southern and Eastern Africa, commented, “The Dakar Rally 2019 will be the ultimate test of rider, motorcycle and products. Motul is proud to supply Stuart Gregory with the motorcycle lubricants and other products he needs to take on the Dakar Rally 2019, and we are confident that both Stuart and our products will at the highest level in Peru”.

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