WP Suspension presents entirely new developed high-end components for the exiting new KTM 790 Adventure R. R&D leader Andreas Schülling talks about the latest suspension components, which are already available from mid-April – and more about the ambitious WP route.


  • More comfort when using harder set-ups
  • All adjustments made externally
  • Unlimited opening up of WP Cone Valve so harshness reduced
  • High quality coating


  • Friction optimized components
  • Factory design
  • Optimized WP PRO COMPONENTS set-up


38-year old Schülling is a passionate rider that has been with the R&D team since 2008. He talks about the latest WP Suspension Street innovation in detail:

How long does it take to develop a specific suspension like the one for the new 790 ADVENTURE?

It took us more than a year from the first test ride to serial production. In fact, we designed the product in parallel with the bike. We did this so we could adapt the design to suit the suspension, and of course, vice versa, if and when this was necessary. We also carried out many weeks of durability tests in the field, and our dynos helped us to establish the best design to meet a certain high level of reliability, combined with lightweight materials.

Can you tell us which unique technologies were used for the XPLOR components?

We took the Cone Valve Technology from the SX and Enduro products, and we fine-tuned it to suit the 790 Adventure R. We took the Closed Cartridge Technology from our premium products because we wanted to ensure constant damping behaviour during riding, and the lifetime of the product. The PDS was used to guarantee the shock has perfect bottoming resistance, and of course, we used low friction coatings and lightweight materials.
All this results in perfect balance, better control, and a feeling of being safe. In the end, that relates to being faster than ever before.

In one sentence – what is the key benefit of this all-new suspension?

It means there are no compromises between gaining comfort and bottoming reserves, and at the same time, we have maximized the off-road capability by using unique technologies.

What would be the kind of image you want to project for WP and its suspension products?

We want to make it very clear that WP suspension offers many, many years of valuable experience in the street and offroad market – everything from OE (Original equipment) products to professional components, and right up to factory material. We, at WP, want to keep extending the portfolio of suspension products by using all that experience, because we want to ensure we are the ones that produce the next highlight on the market.

What do you see as your target customer today, and where do you believe will be your best future markets?

Here we are talking about giving our customers that last five percent to make them even faster, and to provide them with such a feeling of safety that they can push even more.
Concerning future markets, we are confident that we’ll do very well, and gain market share in countries like Australia, South Africa, and the USA.

Looking at the bigger picture, in what direction do you plan to take WP in both the medium and long term?

We certainly intend to extend the product range for both the street and offroad segments. We’re already No.1 in offroad, but we are looking to get a bigger slice of market share in the street business. And we’ll do this by using racing platforms like the World Superbikes, Supersport 600, the IDM, and Alpe-Adria to develop parts under real racing conditions. Of course, we will also continue to develop products according to the market demand, and we will combine the experience we get by being involved in factory racing with our standard products so that riders using WP have the best performance, including bullet-proof systems.


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Managing Director
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