Merzouga Rally Stage 5 – Dakar 2020 Here We Come!

Photo credit: Rally Zone ©

We woke up to a chilly morning, luckily I had a good nights rest and I felt much better than the previous day, thank goodness. A much shorter stage today, it was not too long, only the 60 km liaison which felt much longer than the actual final-short-special of the Rally because of the cold weather. But Yeah, I woke up feeling fresh and excited for the final day’s stage.

My mindset going into the final stage was to not get caught up on the start line (which was going to be a mass start) and don’t try and race, just ride, hit all the waypoints, make no mistakes and try and finish the race safely – and that’s exactly what I did.

Photo credit: Rally Zone ©

I sat back and enjoyed the ride and took in the scenery, as it was my last day in the dunes. What a privilege it has been to ride a beautiful Rally bike in such a beautiful country like this. I really enjoyed the final stage, I had fun, there was not much navigation to do because the Side x Sides stared first, then the Quads and then the leaders led the way, so it was pretty east navigation, the dunes weren’t too technical, it was a Cool, Calm, Easy ride to the finish. I had fun and I really enjoyed it, and I was happy to get across the finish line with a clean slate.

I can happily say after 5 stages and something like 1200 km and not getting one penalty, I am officially; according to the regulations of Merzouga, if you get through the Rally with no penalties you are guaranteed an entry to Dakar. So, now my job is done, I have got my Dakar entry and that’s it Dakar 2020 here we come!

Photo credit: Rally Zone ©

An absolutely huge shout out to my fantastic sponsors, Ryobi Africa. To Van der Velden Motoren team you guys are simply outstanding, and everyone else who has helped me along the way. Thank you. You guys rock!

Kirsten Landman is South Africa’s top female Enduro Rider. Growing up on dirt bikes which started off as just fun with her cousin and uncle has now turned into Kirsten making history and a name for herself worldwide in the hard enduro scene. At the age of 26 years old, having competed in the hard enduro world series and has become the first female to finish races such as Redbull Romaniacs, Redbull Sea to Sky, Redbull Megawatt 111, Redbull Braveman & the Roof of Africa. Kirsten still has so much more to achieve, with the bar being raised every year and now set at an all-time high, as she prepares to become the first African & South African woman to finish the Dakar Rally on a motorcycle.