bLU cRU Africa Cup is coming to Africa

SAMRA is proud to announce, following in the footsteps of Europe, Asia, Australia and America, the Yamaha R3 cup is landing in Africa: welcome to the bLU cRU Africa Cup.

Photo credit: Yamaha

Yamaha’s bLU cRU programme is a platform to support the next generation of young African riding talent in road racing. The platform creates a professional environment that is used to encourage, nurture and build tomorrow’s racing stars, through the guidance and unparalleled experience of the Yamaha Racing world.

The South African Motorcycle Racing Academy initiated the bLU cRU African cup, with the full backing from FIM and MSA. The bLUC cRU African cup will see its first full season in 2020 with an 8 race championship in 3 countries. To ensure a level playing field, all the Yamaha R3 bikes will be prepared by SAMRA, and the racing package includes full race preparation, transport to and from the track, entry fees, tyres, fuels and lubricants. It’s based on the principle of ‘arrive and ride’ on identical machinery.

The core target group for the bLU cRU Africa cup are African nationals between the age of 14 and 21. In its first year, the Africa cup will visit 7 different South African Racetracks, and one race will be held in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The goal is to grow the bLU cRU Africa cup to have at least a 10 race championship over 5 different countries by 2022. Thus far, numerous African countries have shown interest in sending competitors. Across the African continent, there’s a huge interest to participate and make it a true African Cup.

The bLU cRU Africa cup is a gateway for young African talent to pursue a career in international motorcycle racing. For instance, the winner of the bLU cRU Africa cup will earn the chance to compete with the top-performing riders from across the world in a Superfinale. The career path from there is endless, with an opportunity to step into the Supersport 300 class.

Affordability and equality are key in the bLU cRU Africa Cup. Each competitor buys a complete package, which includes a fully race prepared Yamaha R3 and all race expenses. At the end of the racing season, the rider becomes the owner of the Yamaha R3 race bike.

During the racing season, the bLU cRU Africa Cup will host training camps for the riders to attend and test the Yamaha R3 in a controlled environment.

The bLU cRU Africa cup is a level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment organization, making it an ideal opportunity for sponsors to join the series. The championship will have full media coverage and the riders will also be introduced to all media aspects of the sport, which are crucial factors to future success.

Entries are now open for riders and for more information you can visit our social media platform or send an email to: [email protected]

We can guarantee you one thing, if you have the racing pedigree, you will get there with the bLU cRU Africa Cup.