The Women Riders World Relay Hits South Africa

Did you know that there’s a worldwide women motorcyclists relay happening, right now? It’s called the Women Riders World Relay, it’s an official Guinness Book of Records event, and it’s about to hit South Africa.

The WRWR started in Scotland in February of this year. As of the end of October, it had already covered 75 037 km over 59 countries, with 2 777 women participating.

“I wanted to ignite a global sisterhood of inspirational women to promote courage, adventure, unity and passion for biking from all corners of the world and do something that’s never been done before to this scale,” says WRWR founder, Hayley Bell.

“My aim is to wow the industry into realizing the global market for women in motorsports and to inspire women worldwide.”

The organization’s primary goals are to be “the global eye-openers of women in Motorsport.” And looking at the global route they’ve already covered, we’d say they’re well on track.

From Scotland, the relay covered the British isles, before crossing into France and zig-zagging across Europe. After that, they headed North into the Nordic countries, then East across India, and then onto Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.

From there, it puddle-hopped to Canada, and worked its way down through North and South America. In January, it’ll cross over from Brazil to South Africa, before working its way up through Africa.

157 women have already signed up to ride the South African leg, with Rialette van Niekerk acting as our country’s ambassador for the event. Triumph South Africa came to the party and handed her a Tiger 800 XCA to ride for the duration of the South African leg.

Supporting women riders is a big deal for the crew at Triumph South Africa. The marketing lead, Ashleigh James, is one of the most passionate women-on-wheels we know (we profiled her as part of our ‘Woman Who Ride‘ feature recently). So we’re sending them a virtual high five for coming on board.

The female segment of the motorcycling industry is growing fast, and we can’t think of a better way to help it along than to unite women motorcyclists worldwide with such an epic event.

If you’d like to donate to the cause or track the relay’s progress, head on over to –