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ZA Bikers Expansion Plans for 2024: Introducing Our New ‘Lifestyle & Outdoors’ Section

Visitors to the ZA Bikers platform will notice some subtle changes to the layout. We have tidied things up a bit to make accessing articles of interest even easier.

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Starting with our motorcycle content, we’ve consolidated everything ‘biking’ into our Biking News section with the following sub-categories; News, Bike Reviews, Features and Bike Products.

For those looking to do further research, our Bike Buyers Guide section allows you to compare models from different manufacturers in a side-by-side comparison format—giving you all the info you need to help you with your next motorcycle purchase.

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Our Bikes for Sale section lists pre-owned bikes from established and reputable bike dealers from across the country.

You will also notice a ‘totally’ new heading Lifestyle and Outdoors. So, what is that all about you may wonder?

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In our interaction with bikers over time, we have come to understand that people who ride motorcycles tend to have a lot in common. They love the outdoors, getting out and about, and with the popularity of adventure motorcycles, enjoy camping.

Many seem to own 4x4s too. So, a Lifestyle and Outdoors section is more an evolution than a revolution. We want to keep our content stimulating and relevant. In addition to your regular biking fix, we will keep you informed on other aspects of the outdoor lifestyle that we enjoy, in this beautiful country of ours.

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Expect to read about Lifestyle Vehicles, plus all the necessary mounting accessories to transport your recreational two wheels out into the wilderness.

Our Gear & Products section will be focusing on camping & outdoor gear, plus maintenance & care products for your lifestyle Vehicles.

Finally, as lovers of anything with two wheels, we’ve decided to start testing the growing industry of E-Bicycles.

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As always, we will create original content rather than regurgitate what others have put out there. If we tell you about it, it is because we have tried it and experienced it ourselves.

2024 is going to be a cracker! May the games begin!

Simon Morton
Simon Morton
Online Editor at ZA Bikers.