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I am just a girl that ended up on a tank full of gas mounted on two wheels. Having had an adventurous spirit from the day I was born, I have dived into numerous crazy activities throughout my life. Never standing back to any challenge and aspiring to dig up the most fun I can in everyday life. Every month I attempt some or other adventure on two wheels which includes track racing, off-road racing, shows/events, adventurous trips through Africa, and even daring to wander into the big unknown world outside of the mother continent. I have the world figured out as a rock hard place, run by computers, with little patience for sadness, and a primary focus of making money via billboards. It’s better to run away from this madness on two wheels – TRY AND KEEP UP!

Kawasaki Z400: The Green Hornet

On the dark side of Japan, there’s a group that rule the streets and they go by the name of “The Z Gang”. This...