Rapid Bike RACING

Rapid Bike RACING
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Rapid Bike RACING
Rapid Bike RACING



Rapid Bike RACING add-on module represents the highest level of technology available for reaching top performance, offering the widest range of solutions for demanding professional track riders and street users.


Starting from the latest standards set by Rapid Bike EVO, RACING module offers a revolutionary technology to manage the crankshaft position sensor signal and is designed to provide additional and innovative features to reach unmatchable results within the competitive arena.

IGNITION MAP - using the pick-up signal management for an accurate control of injection and spark advance timing.

ENGINE BRAKE - managed while decelerating to prevent rear-wheel jumping and improve the bike’s stability while braking.

PIT-LANE LIMITER - can be activated manually with a handlebar switch to reduce and maintain constant speed in the pit lane area.

DUAL SETTING - to optimize the main engine parameters in real-time and select the best possible setting between two different pre-set.

Rapid Bike RACING Module - is able to manage additional and exclusive functions once it is installed with the new YOUTUNE controller, turning your bike into a more powerful and safer riding machine.

TRACTION CONTROL Management - is based on controlling the bike’s acceleration detected by engine’s crankshaft position sensor; when acceleration is such to compromise appropriate traction level, the system applies a sequence of injection cuts in order to bring it back within pre-set limits.

Rapid Bike Traction Control System -  is user-friendly and fully customizable in order to match different riding skills while providing additional safety and reliability in every driving conditions.

LAUNCH CONTROL - Allows to release engine power only once top acceleration is reached, and at the same time to calibrate the effect and timing of traction control being applied during this specific operation.

RPM (SPEED) MANAGEMENT CONTROL - Maintaining constant engine power delivery thanks to an effective system of RPM limiter to keep speed under control and ride comfortably even in traffic jams, etc.


RACING add-on modules are available in a new Exclusive kit: a more simple version offered at very interesting pricing, strictly dedicated to a specific bike model (cannot be reprogrammed to be installed on different models). Check updates on our application list.

Price subject to change without notice.



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