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Let’s get OUR Kirsten to Dakar 2020 and support her to the finish!

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KL 117 Fans! Let’s dig deep and get Kirsten to Dakar. We did it with Joey, now we got to do it with Kirsten! And here’s why………

No woman from this continent has ever finished Dakar. Our very own Kirsten Landman has all it takes to be this special first. Her racing CV would do anyone proud, irrespective of gender. The fact that she is tiny and petite, and pretty to boot, makes the fairy tale complete. Oh Lordy, she can really pedal a dirt bike!. I am not going to bore you with the details, I’ll let way more qualified people, who know Kirsten intimately do that. Watch the video we have put together and I think you will agree. I remember the incredible time we had supporting Joey Evans overcome impossible odds to conquer Dakar. The rollercoaster of emotions was insane. We have another Dakar mission! Let’s get OUR Kirsten to Dakar and support her to the finish!.

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Videography by:

Simon Morton
Grant Lucas
Bjorn Moreira


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Red Bull Content Pool
Franziska Brandl
Darryl Curtis
Garry Franks
Joey Evans

Simon Morton
Simon Morton
Online Editor at ZA Bikers.