A Day of fun in the dirt learning new skills…

Are you based in the Cape Town area and are needing to better your skills on dirt roads? Then our One Day in the Dirt event with the new Triumph Motorcycles of Cape Town just might be what you need!


This will be a day-long event at the Anura Wine Estate in Stellenbosch for adventure bikes, dual-purpose and modern classic motorcycles where both Beginner and Intermediate training will be available.

Riders will arrive at the venue by 0800 and will depart around 1800.

This training course caters to those individuals who are looking to increase their confidence when making the transition from tar to dirt. Whether you’ve been riding for 20 years or not even a month you’d be surprised what principles and fundamentals you can learn on this course to help you become a better rider.


Level One – Introduction to off-road riding Course

  • Basic Riders Position on Motorcycle
  • Pickup the Motorcycle
  • Slow Riding (Pull Away, Slow Riding & Look Back) on grass
  • Slalom Cones (6 m Inline)
  • U-turns
  • Uphill & Down Hills – Small Hill
  • Emergency Braking – low speed only

Level Two – Intermediate

  • Riders Position on Motorcycle
  • Turns and balance
  • Tyre Walk & Tyre Peripheral Vision
  • Slow Riding (Pull Away, Slow Riding & Lock Back Brake) – skid pan
  • Slalom Cones (4 m Inline – cross-step formation – brake and slide) on a skid pan
  • U-turns 3 x 4 m blocks – on a skid pan
  • Fig of 8 on a skid pan
  • Ruts – Logs & Armco Barriers 4m to 12 m
  • Slope – riding left and right-hand slopes
  • Emergency Braking low speed and high speed
  • Sand – recover in the sand – turning in sand


  • Introductory or Intermediate Off-Road training from qualified instructors at IRIDE Adventure
  • Coffee, breakfast, lunch & departure drinks
  • Certificate of completion
  • An experience you won’t forget

To sign up for One Day in the Dirt, click HERE