Image source: WP-suspension

WP Suspension is pleased to announce the launch of the new WP XPLOR PRO 6500 Cartridge. With highly innovative technology derived from countless successes in motorsports, the XPLOR PRO 6500 Cartridge combines premium performance upgrades with unparalleled accessibility.

Image source: WP-suspension

Addressing a whole community of offroad enthusiasts, WP XPLOR PRO empowers KTM, Husqvarna & GASGAS riders to reach their greatest potential. For the WP XPLOR PRO 6500 Cartridge, there is no section of the track too hard and with the input of the latest motorsport know-how, this Cartridge will take demanding riders all the way to the top. The built-in WP CLOSED CARTRIDGE TECHNOLOGY with its pressurized compartments guarantees a consistent damping performance and prevents loss of damping on repeated shots.

Image source: WP-suspension

Thanks to the numerous and externally adjustable settings, the riders are always perfectly adapted to all off-road demands even when conditions change at the last minute. The XPLOR PRO 6500 Cartridge was developed to easily upgrade the bike utilizing the standard fork rods and improve the riding experience for high-toned offroad pilots significantly.

  • Improved feedback from the track in every riding situation
  • Pressurized System reduces cavitation risk – no damping loss
  • Extreme longevity due to the use of only high-quality materials
  • Specially handcrafted with the highest care
  • All settings can be adjusted externally and flexibly
  • Spring preload fully variable
Image source: WP-suspension

The XPLOR PRO 6500 Cartridge will be available from November 17th for R16 662.67 (net retail price including VAT).

The XPLOR PRO 6500 Cartridge will be available for the following motorcycles: KTM: EXC (150, 250, 300); EXC-F (250, 350, 450, 500); XC-W (150, 250, 300); XCF-W (350, 500). From 2017- Husqvarna: TE (150, 250, 300); FE (250, 350, 450, 501). From 2017- GASGAS: EC (250, 300); EC-F (250, 350); 2021