The New XACT PRO 6500 Cartridge Easily Upgraded To WP PRO Performance

Photo credit: WP Suspension

WP Suspension is pleased to announce the launch of the new WP XACT PRO 6500 CARTRIDGE. The easy & effective performance upgrade is designed to push your motocross skills on a new level while using the standard setup of your bike. With maximum focus for every segment of the track and the finish line always in plain sight. The XACT PRO 6500 Cartridge allows you to simply upgrade to first-class motorsport technology. The cartridge equips your standard fork to razor-sharp precision and provides you with uncompromising feedback from the track via the WP CLOSED CARTRIDGE TECHNOLOGY. The pressurized damping unit prevents loss of damping during rapid repetitive compression and ensures a consistently solid performance. In addition, with the multiple adjustment options of the XACT PRO 6500 Cartridge, each motocross racer finds its own setting to any track and at any time.

Photo credit: WP Suspension
  • Improved feedback from the track in every riding- situation
  • Pressurized system reduces cavitation risk – no damping loss
  • Extreme longevity due to the use of only high-quality materials
  • All settings can be adjusted externally and flexibly
  • Specially handcrafted with highest care
  • Spring preload fully variable

The XACT PRO 6500 Cartridge will be available from this month. The XACT PRO 6500 Cartridge will be available for the following motorcycles:

KTM: All SX, SX-F, XC, XC-F Fullsize;
From MY21 (A460C107U002220);
MY2016-MY2020 models fit with KIT Article
No: A460C107T002220

Husqvarna: TC, FC Fullsize, TX 300, FX 350, FX 450;
From MY21 (A360C107U002220) MY2016-
MY2020 models fit with KIT Article No: A360C107T002220

GASGAS: MC, EX Fullsize; From MY21;

Photo credit: GASGAS

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