Kirsten Landman takes on Dakar22

ASP International is proud to announce our newest and most exciting sponsorship with South Africa’s top female hard enduro racer, Kirsten Landman. ASP International is prepared and focused to support Landman every step of the way with a full sponsorship for DAKAR 2022.

In 2022 Kirsten Landman will be taking on the toughest challenge of her life as she prepares to compete in the most difficult class of the Dakar rally, the original category known as Malle Moto.

Kirsten is more motivated now than ever before, nothing can get in her way of achieving her goals.

Together, ASPI & Kirsten Landman are changing the way the world sees female athletes!


Cast: Kirsten Landman (Athlete)
Bradford Louw (Athlete & Team Manager)
Paul Henderson (ASPI Ltd, Director)
Neville Garcia ( ASPI Ltd, Business Development Manager)
Nontobeko Mdabe (IRATA L2 Rope Access Technician)
Wendy Bhengu (IRATA L2 Rope Access Technician)

Special Thanks:
Shirley Royal of Royal Works
Nuss Haus
ODM media

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