Fire It Up! Ride In & Cash Out

Photo credit: Bjorn Moreira / ZA Bikers

Fire it Up! has always been known for offering the best trade-in and cash prices when selling your motorcycle. Now, with the expansion of the Fire It Up! dealer network to new stores in Pretoria and Cape Town adding to the flagship store in Bryanston, Johannesburg and the buying hub in Durban, Craig Langton and the team have brought a new concept to market.

Called Ride In & Cash Out, this is designed to make the whole transaction of selling your motorcycle that much easier while guaranteeing you the best price possible.

Photo credit: Bjorn Moreira / ZA Bikers

For example; you are a customer in Cape Town and you want to sell your motorcycle. When you take it into the Cape Town branch of Fire It Up!, it will be loaded onto FIU’s new system, where partner dealers around the country will be able to view and bid for that motorcycle. The highest bidder ‘wins’ the right to buy that motorcycle. You, the owner, will be paid immediately and given a lift home. The stores will still collect and pay at your home using the same technology, should you not wish to travel.

There are very good reasons for such a system. It might be that a particular motorcycle will attract a much higher premium in one province than in another. So, a motorcycle that is worth one price in Durban, for example, might be worth more in Gauteng, owing to demand. This way, the customer gets the best price.

Photo credit: Bjorn Moreira / ZA Bikers

When testing the system over the last few weeks, customers were surprised that they received more than they had realistically hoped for with the motorcycle being offered.

Contact your local Fire It Up! partner store for more details.




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