Yamaha SA Launches Book Drive to Empower Future Leaders

Through an internal campaign; titled “Yamaha Empowers Future Leaders”, Yamaha SA has responded to the reported low literacy levels by encouraging staff to donate educational books to an underprivileged school. The campaign became established; upon verifying low literacy levels through credible research conducted by the Department of Economics at Stellenbosch University. This research reported that 58% of South African children do not learn to read fluently and with comprehension in any language by the end of Grade four. Further reporting that an enormous 29% are illiterate as a result.

The book drive will also coincide with Youth Day collaborations by providing the youth with the power of knowledge, which in turn builds confidence-allowing youngsters to become great collaborators in society and decision-making.

Drop off points are located at World of Yamaha, Linex Lynwood Yamaha and Linex Randburg Yamaha.

Yamaha SA is excited to be lending a helpful hand in empowering the youth of South Africa.