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RAD_KTM Enduro Models Demo Day

Photo credit: Bjorn Moreira / ZA Bikers

KTM is continuing its customer-involvement commitment by encouraging its dealers to make use of the demo fleet of MX and Enduro models the head office holds for just this purpose. The latest dealer to take up this offer was RAD_KTM, who invited the media and various other interested parties to the Titans Racing Enduro Park in Hartebeespoort.

Anyone who registered to attend had the opportunity to swing a leg over the entire 2024 range of KTM enduro models, while food and drinks were expertly braai’ed by the RAD team, including boss Miguel.

Photo credit: Bjorn Moreira / ZA Bikers

The day was a scorcher and with the new lineup boasting 95% new components, 50 registered riders from all walks of life showed up READY TO RACE. There were possibly more than 50 riders on the day, as most just showed up without booking a slot… RAD laid out a route with orange marker points for both the experienced and new enduro riders.

Photo credit: Bjorn Moreira / ZA Bikers

Riders traded feedback with each other and with the KTM staff, who presumably just sat back and smiled at the knowledge that, yet again, KTM has moved the goalposts for those trying to keep up. Just like we experienced at the Lesotho launch of the same bikes, every rider had their favourite and this year it was across the board, whereas in previous years it would be the king of hard enduros, the 300 XC-W 2-stroke or the do-it-all-well machine, the 350 EXC-F 4-stroke. With all the new advancements and new 2-stroke technology (TBI), KTM really has built a hard-charging class of Enduro machines for 2024.

Photo credit: Bjorn Moreira / ZA Bikers

Every KTM dealer has the opportunity to host their own enduro demo day, as these motorcycles belong to the head office and are making their rounds. RAD_KTM hosted a perfect event and we have to say that this is an awesome initiative, completely persuasive in a situation where the customer didn’t realise there was a need for a new KTM enduro bike in their garage! Clever marketing from KTM.

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