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Heinrich Aust Keeps E1 Championship Alive

Photo credit: ZCMC Media

The Husqvarna Racing Enduro team took part in Round 2 of the Traditional National Enduro championship this weekend where disaster struck Travis Teasdale, resulting in an uncharacteristic highspeed crash forcing him to withdraw from the event with a torn pectoral muscle.

Heinrich Aust found himself in a similar situation with a massive crash where he lost several minutes but he was able to soldier on and salvage extremely valuable championship points keeping himself in the running for the 2024 E1 title onboard his FE250.

Photo credit: ZCMC Media

A shaken Aust commented, “I felt really good in the morning leading my class but unfortunately a lurker got the best of me and before I knew it I was tumbling along the track. It took me a good few minutes to gather myself and get back on the bike. Thank you to the riders that stopped to check on me and make sure I was okay to continue. I managed to make it back to the pits where the medical staff checked me out and gave me the green light to continue. At that point, I was in survival mode and managed to string a few solid laps together bringing my FE250 home in third place.”

Another great showing was Ryan Pelser, who is a Cross Country racer on the team. Ryan decided to enter the Enduro again as cross-training and managed a solid 4th place performance on the day in the E1 class behind Aust.

Photo credit: ZCMC Media

With the traditional Enduro series only being 4 rounds in 2023, it is next to impossible for Travis Teasdale to mount a comeback after this devastating blow but he is sure to return at round 3 in an attempt to stamp his authority on the series.

Photo credit: ZCMC Media

Husqvarna team manager Grant Frerichs closed with, “Another race day filled with a rollercoaster of emotions in the team. At one point we had 2 championship leaders “out” of the race but luckily Heinrich was able to dig deep and decided to keep going to ensure he was able to stay in this championship going into round 3.”

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