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2024 KTM 390 Duke Hits The Streets

Ten years after it first appeared, the KTM 390 Duke is getting the biggest makeover and upgrade of its life for 2024. KTM has gone over the model with a fine-toothed comb and made revisions to virtually every component.

Image source: KTM

The engine has been enlarged slightly to 399cc, from 373cc, which gives one horse and two Newton metres more, for a total of 44.3bhp and 39Nm. It is now Euro5.2 compliant and sits in a new, two-piece frame, with the traditional steel trellis element bolted to a die-cast aluminium subframe and together they are a lot stiffer than the outgoing model.

Image source: KTM

The swing arm is all-new and the shock is mounted differently and lower which in turn enables a slightly lower seat. Suspension, naturally, is by WP and is their Apex system, with full adjustment.

On the electronics front, there are now three ride modes – Street, Rain and Track – and, wait for it, launch control, a first in this class. There is even cruise control and a 5-inch TFT dash, with Bluetooth connectivity. ABS and Traction Control are both lean-sensitive and the ABS has a Supermoto setting, which will allow you to go through a rear tyre as fast as possible…! A bi-directional quick-shifter is optional.

Image source: KTM

Styling is pure KTM with aggressive and angular lines throughout.

“The bike is completely new. Almost none of the parts that we used to use in the previous generation are in the new generation of bike,” Product Manager Agustin Augustinoy said. “The Duke engine is completely different and more compact, lighter weight, has a different thermal management – it’s a completely new platform.

Image source: KTM

“The new shock position allows for a redesigned exhaust and airbox, with the standard slip-on now exiting below the right side of the swingarm rather than as a side-mounted end can as before.

“Shorter riders will be thankful for the lower 820mm seat height (down from 830mm), which can be dropped further to 800mm and should make the bike less intimidating for a wider range of pilots.

Image source: KTM

“Of course, we keep an eye out (on the competition), and we compare our bikes during development, and we try to always be better than the competition,” the 390 Duke boss added. “That’s one of the reasons that we wanted a lower seat height, and make it more accessible for riders that are not so tall. This is a bike that you can use every day, so the easier it is to ride the better, but also keeping our ‘ready to race’ (ethos).”

Contact your nearest KTM dealer for information on when the 2024 KTM 390 Duke will be appearing on their showroom floors.

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