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ZA Bikers Newsletter: Subscribe to stay informed on all things Biking

It is hard to believe that almost ten years ago we attended the launch of Kawasaki’s spectacular supercharged Ninja H2.

Photo credit: Julio Moreira

This launched ZA Bikers as the only online motorcycle entity in the country, which, judging by the reaction we got from the dominant motorcycle publications at the time, was a very foreign concept. Fast forward almost ten years and we regularly enjoy a monthly readership of over 50,000, and a Facebook following of around 75,000. The magazines that lifted their brows at the upstart ZA Bikers are, for all intents and purposes no more, replaced in some cases by digital versions of themselves. 

Photo credit: Bjorn Moreira / ZA Bikers

Being the first to break ground in a new direction is never easy, but by trial and error and plain hard work, we have grown from strength to strength, forever grateful to those industry players who had the vision and still have now, to support our venture. Covid was probably the death knell of the printed motorcycle media both locally and internationally.

Established online entities like ZA Bikers enjoyed a massive influx of followers who have, I am happy to say, continued to follow us. We have always endeavoured to produce accurate and enjoyable content and do our very best for our Media partners, knowing that their success is our success. 

Photo credit: TVS Global

One of our innovations was to produce a weekly newsletter, free to subscribers, which kept them up to date with what was happening in the wonderful world of motorcycling. In the fast-paced world in which we live, it is the easiest way to be broadly informed on the South African biking scene. You can then, at your leisure, dive deeper into those snippets of news that really interest you by visiting the ZA Bikers platform.

So, there you have it folks. Subscribe HERE and join the ranks of the informed!

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Staff Writer
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