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Hero South Africa – From Zero to Hero!

Photo credit: ZA Bikers

The story of Hero Motorcycles in South Africa, since the brand’s introduction halfway through 2021, has been one of steadily growing success and influence. Only a short while ago, South Africans had never heard of Hero Motorcycles. Today, the brand has grown its market share and sits proudly amongst the top competing brands in the country.

This not only demonstrates the amount of hard work done by Hero South Africa but also Hero MotoCorp India’s commitment to the African continent, which is no small thing if you consider that Hero has its hands full simply satisfying its home market.

Photo credit: ZA Bikers

October/November in India is a very significant period of the year, with many religious holidays and celebrations over a 32-day period. Hero MotoCorp recorded its highest-ever festive sales, with more than 1.4 million retail sales during the period which was, incidentally, a 19% growth over the same period last year (2022).

Obviously, the South African market isn’t quite as large as that but it continues on a steady growth trajectory. In 2024, Hero South Africa will have a range of up to 12 models in the leisure and EV segment, all complying with Euro5 emissions specifications.

Photo credit: ZA Bikers

ZA Bikers has had extensive experience with the range of Hero models available in South Africa and has been nothing but impressed with the quality, performance and reliability of all of them. 2024 will be an interesting year in the story of Hero in this country and we look forward to sharing our impressions of the new models with you.

For more information visit: Hero South Africa

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