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Luke Walker Joins Husqvarna Racing For The 2024 Season

Luke Walker’s success in winning the 2023 Cross Country High School title demonstrates his skill and potential as a rising star in the racing world. His addition to the Husqvarna Racing team for the 2024 season is sure to bring an exciting dynamic to the team. Competing in both the National Cross Country and National Enduro championships showcases his versatility and determination in different racing terrains.

Image source: Husqvarna

Husqvarna Racing is undoubtedly looking forward to a promising and successful season ahead with Luke onboard. Luke will tackle the OR3 Cross Country class onboard an FC250 as well as the extremely competitive E1 National Enduro class onboard an FE250.

“We are extremely happy to have signed Luke into the Husqvarna racing team for the 2024 season. He has shown some real strokes of brilliance in the past few years and proved he is undoubtedly a young talent to look out for in the years to come”, comments Grant Frerichs, the Husqvarna marketing manager.

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