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Adventure Academy’s Andy Biram fully recovered and ready to tour from February

Andy suffered a massive motorcycle accident on 21 May 2023 which forced him to take an eight-month break from working to fully recover.

Photo credit: Bjorn Moreira / ZA Bikers

“It has been the longest I’ve been off a bike in 24 years, but it has been a really good time for reflection, to work on new routes for 2024, and to plot a slightly new direction for the business with a goal to take The Adventure Academy to a larger chunk of the riding community,” says Andy.

With this objective in mind, he recently purchased an R 1200 GS Rallye which he plans to use on tours better suited to newer riders who still want to enjoy the gravel, but not be intimidated by the terrain. “I want these riders to sign up and feel confident that they will have the ride of their lives, experiencing parts of the country they have never visited before, and make some good new friends and memories along the way.

Image source: Andy Biram

The biking community, the very friends I too made while riding, banded together to raise funds for my post-operative rehab, something which I will be eternally grateful for. It’s now my turn to give back in the form of tours which will bring joy to these riders and create some lekker stories for the braai!”

The Adventure Academy has had a website overhaul with a fully populated calendar of events for 2024 and ‘soon to be added’ event galleries and some exciting new additions which will involve four wheels and the opportunity for families to join in the fun as well as an interactive rewards programme.

Photo credit: Joe Fleming / Bonafide Moto Co.

“Keep an eye on the website and my social media pages for further updates!” concludes Andy.

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