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Good News for South African DUCATISTI! Ducati Poised for Expansion in 2025

Photo credit: ZA Bikers

The local Ducati faithful were summoned to be addressed by Ducati SA bossman, Jos Matthysen, at World of Motorcycles on Saturday 13th of January, for what Jos termed “an important and positive announcement”. In an emotionally charged address, Jos shared that Ducati has terminated his importer status with effect from 1/1/2025. From that date, the new importers of Ducati motorcycles into SA will be Volkswagen SA. The fundamental reason is that Ducati wants exposure across a wider range of dealerships, presumably countrywide.

Up until then, it will be business as usual, with Ducati owners being catered for at the Centurion World of Motorcycles facility “as per usual”. Jos stressed that as someone who is passionate about the brand, as well as the ‘family’ of dedicated Ducati folk that has grown out his endeavours, there will be no discounting of any Ducati model on his watch. He would love to see a bumper year for the brand in 2024. You may well be able to benefit from some good deals on Ducati merchandise though.

Photo credit: ZA Bikers

Jos shared that it was simply not possible for him, as a single financier in the current economy, to viably operate multiple Ducati outlets. It requires the financial muscle of a massive business to make that happen. Hence Ducati’s move to Volkswagen SA. With the Audi/Volkswagen link, it is keeping it in the family to an extent, making CI (Corporate Image) a little easier. The benefits for Ducati owners present and future, of a wider footprint for Ducati countrywide, are obvious, so that is certainly good news. I asked Jos if he would be willing to operate as a Ducati dealer, and the answer was an emphatic yes. This will obviously be subject to negotiations with the new importers.

As someone who has been closely involved in the Ducati Family for almost 5 years, I can say that Jos has done something special with Ducati. It is a brand that has always enjoyed an almost fanatical following amongst Italian motorcycle enthusiasts, however it was largely done as individuals. What Jos has achieved is to bring those enthusiasts together in a unique way, creating a true South African Ducati family. His Mystery Tours have all been oversubscribed from the first through to the fifth. Experiences have been shared and friendships formed around these magnificent Italian motorcycles. This is the relationship baton that Jos will hand over to Volkswagen SA at the beginning of 2025.

Photo source: Ducati SA

May Ducati continue to grow from strength to strength!

Dave Cilliers
Dave Cilliers
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