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MotoGP 2024 – Endless Probabilities

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For goodness’ sake; it’s difficult to keep up with anything at the moment in MotoGP. No sooner have you written one thing about what’s going on in the paddock, than it’s completely out of date and yet more news, supposition, rumour, conjecture and mere tittle-tattle emerges, giving a completely different picture. Perhaps this should become a daily column rather than a once-in-a-while feature!?

So, what’s new? Well, it seems that Pedro Acosta might have been offered a two-year deal by KTM from 2025, taking him to 2027, rather than to the end of 2025 as per his current rumoured agreement. This is a big statement from KTM, meaning that they want to keep him locked in for as long as possible and stall losing him to a rival manufacturer, on whose radars he must inevitably be.

Image source: GasGas Tech 3

Then, there are the satellite team shenanigans. Pramac is loudly being touted as moving to Yamaha; negotiations are said to be at an ‘advanced stage.’ Pramac’s current contract with Ducati comes to a close at the end of this year but there is an option to extend that for a further two years, an arrangement that would guarantee the team the use of current bikes, which they enjoy in 2024, and means factory-spec GP25s next year. There is no hint of dissatisfaction on either side of the Ducati/Pramac relationship and, given the success the team enjoyed in 2023 and are currently enjoying in 2024, it would seem a strange move to swap to Yamaha for 2025. Maybe the money on offer is too tempting?

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Whatever bikes Pramac is running in 2025, it seems as if Jorge Martin will not be a part of it, as he has stated that, unless he is promoted to the factory Ducati team, he will go wherever a factory bike is on offer. Currently, that realistically means Aprilia or Yamaha, with the factory Ducati team a possibility if Bastianini is moved aside which, on current form, seems unlikely. It seems strange that Martin would quit Pramac and factory-spec Ducatis – and Ducati completely if there is no factory bike – where he has had so much success, narrowly missing out on the championship in 2023 and currently leading in 2024. But he obviously has a high opinion of his talent – and rightly so – and believes only a factory seat will do justice to it.

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VR46 would like to stay with Ducati in 2025 and beyond, but only if they can use factory-spec current bikes. If Pramac exercises its option, then GP25s would not be available for VR46, so would that push VR46 into Yamaha’s hands, despite the team allegedly having rebuffed an approach? Possibly not if Pramac move to Yamaha.

Image source: Motorsport

Gresini would also like a GP25 in 2025 in order to keep Marc Marquez but that won’t happen if Pramac…. etc, etc. So, if you haven’t already worked it out, the key team here is Pramac; once they have made a decision, then there are either factory spec bikes or the crumbs of year-old bikes to be divided out.

But, hang on; according to Italian magazine, Motosprint, Pramac is also making a bid for Marquez’ services but that all revolves around Pramac staying with Ducati and getting 2025 bikes. With Martin definitely going, no matter what, there would be a space for Marquez, who has a one-year contract with Gresini.

Image source: MotoGP

There’s an added complication with the arrival of Fermin Aldeguer from Moto2, who has been snapped up by Ducati and, while his destination is unconfirmed, it is expected to be Pramac….if the team stays with Ducati and doesn’t go to Yamaha. Confused yet?

As for Honda, well, its satellite team LCR is out of contract with the Japanese manufacturer for 2025. Having been with Honda for 18 years, the team has Honda writ large through its entire structure and it is unlikely that the connection will not continue. If LCR chooses to jump ship to KTM, who have made a “friendly phone call” to team owner Lucio Cecchinello, then that would mean that Johann Zarco, who is on a two-year contract with Honda, would have to be moved to the factory Repsol Honda team alongside Luca Marini, who is also contracted for 2025, leaving Joan Mir searching for a ride with another team.

Image source: MotoGP

It also appears as if Maverick Viñales is on Honda’s wish list. Viñales is out of contract with Aprilia at the end of this season and, should the team and rider not be able to agree on terms, then could a Viñales/Honda partnership be on the cards?

It’s better than a soap opera!

In the meantime, there is the relatively mundane prospect of a race this weekend to get in the way. Normal service will be resumed on Monday…

Image source: MotoGP
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