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Land Rover Defender OCTA Raises The Bar

Image source: Land Rover

You know we are living in a fantasy world when the world’s most famous 4×4 brand puts on-road performance on an equal par with off-road ability. Perhaps it makes sense in a world where most 4x4s are destined to spend their lives on tarred roads and never get their wheels dirty…?

The current Land Rover Defender has proven its off-road credentials while combining them with on-road ability that previous-generation Defenders could only dream of. Land Rover has added blistering performance to that ability that will put many supercars up against the wall.

Image source: Land Rover

The latest OCTA version of the Defender puts the performance numbers into orbit thanks to a 4.4-litre Twin Turbo mild-hybrid V8 engine, using out a frankly unbelievable 467kW and up to 750Nm of torque. Put it this way; propelling two tonnes of bulk to 100km/h in 4.0 seconds will frighten the pants off any Porsche or Ferrari owner!

In line with current social sensibilities, Land Rover has endowed the Defender OCTA with the chassis dynamics to safely handle this amount of power. It boasts hydraulically-linked 6D Dynamic suspension with pitch and roll control, plus heavily reworked chassis components to ensure control in any driving situation.

Image source: Land Rover

Land Rover hasn’t forgotten that a Defender should be good off-road; the new OCTA Mode is the first performance-focussed off-road mode ever offered on a Defender and unlocks full off-road prowess, including a dedicated anti-lock braking and launch control.

Land Rover is calling the new Defender OCTA the toughest, most capable and most luxurious model in the range. The exterior has a distinct character, with a raised ride height and a wider stance enhanced by the extended wheel arches. New bumpers front and rear give enhanced approach and departure angles and the underside of the model is fully protected with tough underbody protection. Wade depth has been increased to one metre.

Image source: Land Rover

The electronic sophistication has been enhanced even further, the OCTA mode unlocking fine-tuning of the steering, throttle and suspension settings to ensure ultimate control and driver confidence. There’s even an off-road launch control for unbelievable acceleration on any surface.

Both outside and in the cabin, the aesthetics have been enhanced, with Performance Seats which feature Body And Soul audio technology so occupants can feel as well as hear music! There are even six Wellness programmes to help with relaxation and cognitive responses when on the move.

Image source: Land Rover

The projected price for this technical and capable tour-de-force is R3,499,100 and order books will open soon.

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