Yamaha YZ450F

Yamaha YZ450F
Price From R164,950.00 (RRP)

Brand: Yamaha
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✕ Performance Exhaust
✕ Quickshifter
✕ TFT Display
✕ Audio System
✕ Heated Grips
✕ Heated Seat
✕ Cruise Control
✕ Radar System
✕ Adjustable Screen
✕ Crash Protection
✕ Luggage
✕ Tubeless Wheels
✕ Center Stand



Fresh off consecutive pro-Motocross & Supercross titles, Yamaha took the class‑leading YZ450F and made it even better—more powerful, lighter, and slimmer, with enhanced overall stability and more agility than ever! Introducing the all‑new 2024 Yamaha YZ450F, because the best don’t rest.

Disclaimer: Price subject to change without notice.
Engine Capacity: 450cc
Engine Type: 1-cylinder
Power: N/A
Torque: N/A
Drive: Chain
Gearbox: 5-speed
Weight: 109kg
Tank Capacity: 6.0L
Fuel Consumption: N/A
Ground Clearance: 350mm
Seat Height: 965mm
Front Brakes: OEM
Rear Brakes: OEM
Front Suspension: KYB - 310mm - Adjustable
Rear Suspension: KYB - 315mm - Fully-adjustable

2023 Yamaha YZ450F: Riding Big Blue

Since its arrival in South Africa in early February this year, everyone has been dreaming of getting their muddy boots onto the brand-new YZ450F....