Dakar or bust!

OK, OK then, maybe we don’t have to be quite so dramatic, but this certainly is news worth sharing. Our very own ladies podium finisher at Dakar 2019, Kirsten Landman, is planning another assault on the world’s most hectic off-road race in 2022. Not content with just finishing again, she has different ideas. Anyone who has ever pulled on an MX boot in anger and still has blood coursing through their veins, having watched the remarkable drama that was this years event, would dream of ‘doing Dakar’. For only a privileged few, however, will Dakar ever become a reality.

Kirsten has decided to enter her second Dakar in the hard-core, purist, Original by Motul class. As I explained in our recent Motul at Dakar post, this is where you are self-supporting. After all the drama and hardship that is a typical day at Dakar, you get back to the Bivvie and fettle your own bike for the next day. You totally ‘roll your own’. A torturous test for the bravest of the brave. What we have learnt in the journey to Dakar that we had with the irrepressible Joey Evans and others, is that it does not come cheap and is a team effort, even if you are an Original by Motul entrant. A new Rally Replica KTM will set you back $30k, which, once you do the dollar/rand conversion, will make your eyes water. Even a second-hand bike, good enough to tackle and finish Dakar, does not come cheap. So guys and gals, let’s put our thinking caps on and see how we can help raise the funds to get our Kirsten to Dakar.

For support and sponsorship contact:

Bradford Louw: [email protected]

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